How to search on the UNAM Library Newspaper Clippings database

The University Library selects and cuts newspaper articles about the University, advertisements such as vacancies, tenders, courses, annoluncements by the University and the Academy since 1980. Up the end of 2002 the clippings are available in filee in date order.

As from 2003 clippings are entered on a database, and selection has been expanded to include more general topics as well.
Arrangement is according to broad categories and newspaper titles.
Subjects are assigned to articles, and can be retrieved by:
  • Newspaper title, keywords in the captions of articles, names of writers, subject terms, category, biographical information about persons, names of pesons interviewed, and in All these fields.
  • Terms in the same line can be done as an 'OR' or 'AND' search. Do not forget to select to wanted operator, otherwise one will get a null result.
  • Search terms can be truncated with the $ sign, e.g. jacob$ for all names starting with 'jacob', and educat$ for all words starting with 'educat'.
  • Search terms can be entered directly into the box, and by clicking on 'Search'.  However, the best option would be to have a look in the index, by clicking on 'Click for terms'.  In this window, one can browse by the letter of the alphabet (click on the letter at the bottom), page by page (Next page), or Search for a term. 
  • Click on the required term once to select it to the right hand side panel. Multiple terms can be selected.   To remove a term listed in the right hand side panel, click in the right panel. 
  • Then click on search, which will take you back to the search window. Another search term can be selected for the second search term which can be executed as an 'AND' or 'OR' search.
  • Click on Search to execute the search.
  • To clear selected terms, click on Clear.
  • The result will be displayed in short tabled format. To see all the details click on the undelined link.
  • Navigational links are available to browse and select items from the list.