The Multi-Disciplinary Research and Consultancy Centre (MRCC) at the University of Namibia (UNAM) was formally established in 1993. The former Namibian Institute of Social and Economic Research, (NISER) was renamed the Social Sciences Division (SSD) in 1993 and became an important division of the MRCC. At that time, a further two research divisions were established under the umbrella of the MRCC, namely the Engineering, Science and Technology Division (STD) and the Life Sciences Division (LSD). The SSD has three main research programmes, and they are Community Based Natural Resource Management, Rural poverty (and Land), Gender Research and Training, and the Urban Research and Development Programme. The Engineering, Science and Technology Division focuses on conservation of Namibian biodiversities and genetic resources, energy research and development, technology transfer, industrial projects and Namibian technical standards.
The MRCC is committed to the training of students and runs an internship programme for UNAM students. This programme aims at providing practical skill to complement their studies, and thereby also contributing to the skills base of the country.
The MRCC Resource Centre houses a collection of development related literature, both published and unpublished. Many of the project documents and reports are not available elsewhere in Namibia, and as such the Resource Centre provides an invaluable service to the academic, research and development communities in Namibia. As part of its active acquisitions policy, the Resource Centre has literature exchanges with local and international organisations, which specialise in African studies, socio-economic and scientific research in Southern Africa and the developing world.
The MRCC publications are an important function of the Resource Centre. This list includes all publications by the staff and associates, since the beginning of 1990. The list is organised in four sections:
Divisional Research Reports, which present results of completed research projects
Discussion Papers, which are generally the interim results of research reports, journal articles in preparation, and graduate student's Masters or PhD. theses
Commissioned Reports, which result from external assignments undertaken by SSD staff
Books, articles in journals, etc. This section contains works by the research staff published elsewhere
Please note that many of the SSD/NISER research reports and discussion papers are out of print but they can be made available on special request.

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