CBNRM Research Programme

Life Sciences Division, MRCC, University of Namibia


To share lessons and experiences of CBNRM programme through creating a database of publications generated through research. The information will be made available through web site connection to various partners.
1. to make the MRCC Resource Centre a depository for CBNRM Literature
2. to acquire all possible CBNRM literature and make available at MRCC Resource Centre
3. to develop a publication list of CBNRM research literature for publishing on UNAM and partners web sites
4. to make Namibian CBNRM literature available to national and international partners for referencing

The CBNRM Research Programme of the Life Sciences Division at the MRCC of the University of Namibia has been associated with the national CBNRM programme in Namibia since its inception.  The database of publications relevant to CBNRM in Namibia aims to make information available and to share experiences with partners in the SADC Region.
Partner Organisations:

WWF drfn panda UNAM


* Community Based Natural Resource Management