The Namibian HIV/AIDS Literature Database provides a unique space where all published research related to the HIV epidemic in Namibia can be accessed. This compilation of information is critical for those government ministries charged with responding to the epidemic as well as for researchers to better understand the epidemic in Namibia and make informed decisions on research gaps./span>

  • Searchable database:

  • Database in browsable format on the Greenstone Digital Library Software was built from the CDS/ISIS database:

  • The database is widely accessible via the Internet and will be updated routinely to reflect the latest research. Users can search for titles, subject terms, keywords, author's names, organisations, journals to locate publications related to their interests. For some publications the link is provided to the actual document. In cases where the document can not be accessed because of copyright restrictions, the user is linked to a physical library where the document can be accessed.
    The database benefited from the technical input from a joint working group. This working group included University of Namibia, representing the Multi-country Support Program on Social Science Research and HIV/AIDS (MCPS), Polytechnic of Namibia, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Nawa Life, Haader Group (Pty) Ltd., UNICEF, Ministry of Education and the Royal Tropical Institute.
    The database was made possible through financial contributions from the European Union, the Dutch AIDS Fund and the Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation through MCPS.

    The database runs on CDS/ISIS for Windows from UNESCO on a server at the Universiy of Namibia Library. The web based search interface was configured with Genisis, also available from UNESCO.
    The browsable interface on Greenstone was built from the CDSD/ISIS database with the Greenstone Digital Library Software


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